Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Capone Simpson

I have thousands of pictures of my puppies so I believe Capone Simpson needs a proper introduction.  At a whopping 11.3 pounds, Capone is a two and half year old Morkie who lives up to his name. He is a liter mate of Chubbs and is the pack leader of all three pups.  He is extremely serious and has become the protector of his little family. Occasionally, he goes by Dr. Capone because he seems to be the comforter and cleaner of Chubbs when things aren't going his way. His hobbies are sleeping, playing with Chubbs, licking, and cuddling! Sorry ladies, he is in a committed relationship with a lovely young Shih tzu named Gidget.  We know he has major lady skills but when he gets that look and you know he is saying, "Hey dollface!  Wanna come over hear so I can get your number, sweet thang," in his mobster voice, its all over.  Hope you can see his gangster charm!  

Friday, March 18, 2011

Farmhouse Baby Shower

I was privileged to photograph a baby shower hosted by sweet friends of Frilly Milly Events. The details were so thoughtful and a taste of warm comfort in the mist of a cold day.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

2010 Bride

2010 Flashback.  First wedding shadowing my beautiful friend Liz Hendrickson.  

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wagner Family

You will be seeing a lot of the Wagner family!  I have a feeling this will be the family I will be able to capture some of the most important moments and watch them grow.  They have been so supportive of my work and flexible with my schedule (THANK YOU Tamara and Garrett, it means so much to me).  I think Knox is beginning to enjoy having his picture taken and hearing my camera snapping away.  Such a BEAUTIFUL family.  

Thomas Family

Meet Henry, Sunny, Hope, Hank, Walt, Tiger, Joy, Grace, Faith, and Glory.  These beautiful faces are not only our mentors but some of our greatest friends.  They continue to pour wisdom and hope into our lives and teach us about marriage, parenting, and faith.  They are the most AMAZING family, I can promise that.  Their children crack me up, especially the older two, Hope and Hank.  Just this past week, my hubby and I went to the house and Henry and Hank had convinced me that their HUGE bean bag that fits all their children, was a boy scout project Hank had completed!  Hank isn't even in boy scouts!  My favorite memory is when I experienced life at their dinner table.  They have a tradition that when a kiddo is done eating, they can stand on their chair and either sing a song, tell a story, or act out a play.  The FUNNIEST thing you will ever see, especially the youngest, Glory.  They are always putting on skits for us and singing till they fall asleep.  My cheeks are starting to hurt from smiling as I type.

We had talked about doing indoor family photos for a while and my wheels were turning, knowing I needed some professional lighting.  Ian Collins, of IGC Photography, let me use his lighting and did a little workshop the night before with me (he also did the photography for a Wedding Shower I hosted).  I am so thankful to the Thomas' for letting me play around with new equipment and making me smile the whole time.  Prepare to laugh!